Arabian Oud Resala EDP for Men and Women

৳ 13,000.00

warm spicy
white floral


Arabian Oud Resala – this is a love letter, full of tenderness, desire, but also passion. Arabian Oud Resala is an intoxicating gourmet perfume, hidden in a charming bottle, the design of which will enchant you. Touches of rare spices are presented at the head of saffron, showing an outline of a bittersweet chord, in which softly intimate tones are mixed, combined with the warmth coming from luxurious leather. A beautifully laid bouquet of large-flowered roses, the petals of which flow through vanilla tenderness, vanilla gourmet lure and a slightly dusty tone of the vanilla pod, blend together and resonate very nicely on a delicate floral line. A mysterious swing into deeper notes, this is an oud essential oil with a sinfully gourmet, chocolate praline coated with cocoa. The oud essential oil dissolves into the delightful lure of dark chocolate, and shows its slightly dark undertone, which is smooth and full of the softness of rare woods. The endurance of Resala perfume is perhaps endless, it will bind you and will not let you go, you will be embraced for a very long time by chords that are noble, elegant and untamed. All our products are 100% original, authentic name brands. We do not sell fake or counterfeit products.

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